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News - 04.03.21019.

  1. Supervision at the building gim in Rada Kon?ara street 2018.
  2. Completed main project for obtaining a construction permit for advertising company ‘’ETAŽ’’in Bole? 2018.
  3. Completed main project for reinforced concrete slab for Pharmaceutical factory ‘’Abela Pharm’’ in Belgarde
  4. Completed organizational scheme for Pharmaceutical factory ‘’Abela Pharm’’ in Belgarde.
  5. Completed main project for obtaining a construction permit for family house in Sefkerin 2018.
  6. Court lawsuit over costs of construction of ‘’ IN hotel’’ in New Belgrade 2017. - 2018.
  7. Judicial expertise of the house in Svetozara Markovi?a street in Belgrade 2018.
  8. Court lawsuit over costs of construction of factory’’COOPER STANDARD SRBIJA’’ in Sremska Mitrovica 2018. -
  9. The technical control of the main project has been completed for multifunctional hall in SRC košutnjak

Construction of the Pharmaceutical Factory “PharmaSwiss” completed - 10.10.2013.

Construction of the Pharmaceutical Factory “PharmaSwiss” in Zemun Polje completed, 15.000.000 m2 surface. Investor of the “PharmaSwiss”, property of the “Valeant” multinational corporation.

Completed project "ZVEZDARA - Science and technology park" - 26.10.2010.

"ZVEZDARA - Science and technology park" project has just completed. Continuation of phase I of this project, which was launched in 1989. , was financed by Ministry of Science and Technological development of Serbia, together with EU. Overall area will be 14500m2. Designed as "Open Space", area partitions will be easy to define to the needs of scientific and technological enterprises.
Vertical transport schema (.pdf)

New Made-in projects - 18.03.2010.

-Made-in agency is supervising the reconstruction of "Ruma" hotel in Ruma.
-Made-in agency made an AG project and both interior and supervision project on a new building of trading company "Etaz" in Vrcin.

Finished project in Vrcin - 02.01.2010.

During December 2009., MADE IN Agency designed and controlled all construction phases of an open warehouse with mounting-dismountable hall.
Check gallery for images.

Policlinic in Belgrade - 28.09.2009.

The whole process of the completion of this investment was coordinated through MADE IN Agency. A planning engineer (specialist for hospital planning) was chosen and disposition of premises and equipment was defined. The description, price and dynamics of the construction work were defined with contractors. Throughout the construction period a constant professional monitoring was provided.

A luxurious residential building finished - 25.8.2009.

A luxurious residential building in Maglajska street in Belgrade (for private investor) has recently been finished with MADE IN company obtaining building permission for it, as well as doing project coordination,producing bidding documentation,organizing construction work, providing expert supervision and giving solutions for construction, craftwork and installing systems; with tenants moved in.

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